Below is a variety of recent work I’ve done on planning and other subjects.  I also consider the entries in this blog to be writing samples, though generally as thought experiments rather than finished pieces of work.  Some projects and reports were done as a group, so I will clearly mark them and highlight which parts were my key contributions.

Food Systems and Planning

Thesis Proposal:  Public Investment in the Private (Produce) Market
Note:  Final report will be submitted to CMAP autumn 2011

Memo:  Local and Regional Food Systems

Feeding the Region

Land Use and Community Planning

Reinventing Gowanus  forthcoming

From Big Box to Boutique  forthcoming


Privatizing Parking Meters  forthcoming


A Logical Absurdity:  Jeremy Bentham and the Auto-Icon
An intellectual history paper I wrote at Denison, published in their philosophy department’s journal, Episteme.  Available online via their Issuu page.