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This is admittedly petty, and not related to cities, but I was sufficiently enraged to let everyone know not to use MyPhotoAlbum.  I had been using them since 2005, and was actually pretty happy with the service.  You (could) have a free account and easily order photo prints directly through their website.  Their software was easy to use and produced nice-looking albums even with free templates.

Since they changed their policy and instituted some kind of “automatic account suspension if you don’t pay us enough” crap in mid-2009, however, my account has been completely inaccessible for the past year – despite their assertion they would promptly delete the account after a short time.  I still have all the content/IP rights to my photos, luckily, so I was hoping they would just delete, because the pop-up window you see when trying to access your albums (or any part of your account) does not allow you to even go into your account settings to do anything about it.

In old-man-rant fashion, I sent them a strongly-worded Email.  I’m posting here to let everyone know that they should avoid MyPhotoAlbum, for pulling crap like this.  If you do have an account and you enjoy their service, you must be paying for said enjoyment.

<a bit of an overreaction>

Dear MyPhotoAlbum,
I was unpleasantly surprised to find that you had decided to “suspend” my account about a year ago, even though I had made my usual annual photo purchases on your site to keep my account in good standing. This must have been some kind of arbitrary change of policy to get me to give you more money directly.
In any case, I have tried several times to actually delete my account – after a year, I still keep getting the “you need to pay” window, even though your site says it will automatically delete my account for me. Because it does not even let me access my account details (a major software flaw, in my opinion), I am unable to even go into my account and do it myself.
I have not opted for any paid service, and therefore owe you no additional money. Please delete my account and all associated content as soon as possible.
A note on your service: I had found your photo album software pretty easy to use, attractively organized, and have been satisfied with any photo prints I’ve ordered through the site in the past. That satisfaction was far outweighed, however, by the frustrating and completely asinine account suspension system which locks you *completely* out of your own account until you cough up money or sign up for “free” trials which no doubt lock you into further shady agreements.
I am extremely unimpressed with your account policies and will not recommend your site to anyone I know looking to create online photo albums, even if they are willing to pay for membership. The money you generate by printing photos should be sufficient to allow some users free accounts, but apparently that’s not the case. Thank goodness I still own IP rights over my own photos, according to your terms.

Please notify me by Email as soon as my account has been deleted, and verify that the associated content is gone from your servers.


</a bit of an overreaction>