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Back on the hill and already hard at work!

Despite my half-hearted intentions, I haven’t gotten around to posting anything new and planny yet.  But after poking around on CSPAN to hear the State of the Union last night, I did find an interesting tag cloud generator called “Wordle.” Along with a link to video of Obama’s speech, they had posted a link to a tag cloud of the transcript.

You paste in a block of text, or a link to a blog or other web page, and it will generate a tag cloud.  You can then play around with font, colors, general text orientation, etc.  It even does other languages, although I didn’t play around with that (presumably it knows not to include words like “the” or “and.”)

To test it out, I used the front-page link to this blog.  The result is embedded below.  Fun stuff!

All this is to say, I will something soon that was not automatically generated from previous text.  But Wordle looks like kind of a fun toy to play with!

Wordle restricts the size of the linked image, so see the full size (hi res) here.

Wordle: CityForward blog

Okay, it’s not really Republican, but for those who have prior-to-2007 versions of Word available, it is hilarious.

Microsoft Word suggests “Osama” for “Obama.”  Awkward!

I figured I was not the only person to find this, and the New York Times did not let me down.  Don’t worry everyone, it’s fixed.  Even funnier is if they had sent out this particular fix with all their other Windows updates.

Does anyone know any other good/bizarre suggestions?

Update:  I should have read to the bottom of the quoted article.  It IS an update you can download!!!  Why does it have a step-by-step process, by the way?  Step 1:  Click on word.  Step 2:  Add to dictionary.  Step 3:  duhhhh