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Well, I’ve done what’s somewhat difficult to do given that I live in Anchorage … I’ve travelled even further northward!  I’m in Fairbanks for the next couple days to attend the Alaska – American Planning Association conference.

Looking forward to learning more about planning in Alaska, about why there are so many gun and ammo shops around downtown, and what this place looks like in the daylight!  It was already dark when the plane landed around 5PM, and will probably stay that way for the foreseeable future.

I decided not to bring the camera on this trip (and can hopefully head up to Fairbanks again in warmer – or colder – weather!) but will post some thoughts after I return!

Happy November, everyone.  I’m hoping it’s a happy one.


Greetings readers,

My mom and I arrived safely in Anchorage around midnight (while the sun was still at twilight stage) last night!  The last few days’ drive have been long but AMAZING, and I will be posting photos and summaries retrospectively in the next few days when I have Internet access hooked up.

Summary:  We drove through Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon Territory, saw 34 states and 9 provinces’ license plates, and saw the following animals (I have a count of totals elsewhere) – moose, wood bison, regular bison in a pasture, mule deer, arctic hare, coyote, grizzly bear (mama grizzly and two cubs!), black bear, ducks, swans, possibly a loon, a lot of ravens, and fifty billion mosquitoes (that is an accurate count).  We drove through mountain passes, boreal forest, past beautiful lakes with mountains rising right from the shore, and past rivers and glaciers.  We saw the tallest point in Canada (Mt. Logan) and went north of the 60th parallel.  We saw the roadsign pointing to Chicken, Alaska (too far out of our way, but I am TOTALLY going back).  And we took glamor shots of the Subaru in front of mountains, with the wheels covered in dust from the Alaska Highway.  Good times, 3700 miles.

Starting work on Monday!  Excited and overloaded at the same time!

Kluane Lake in Kluane National Park, Yukon

Kluane Lake in Kluane National Park, Yukon

Herd of Wood Bison, British Columbia (before Watson Lake, YT)

Herd of Wood Bison, British Columbia (before Watson Lake, YT)