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Feeling lately, moreso than usual, in a semi-permanent state of utter mental and personal disorganization.  The “Unsorted” photos folder keeps growing.  Pulled in many directions, unable to stay on track.  Reading comprehension took a big hit.  Sleep a necessity, sometimes also an overindulgence.  Pretty much everything is put off until December 6, December 10, December 18…

And, conveniently during finals time – i.e. “head down and crank it out” time – a bunch of those big, nebulous, distracting, navel-gazing questions keep asking themselves at inconvenient times.  I have work to do, dammit – “mine is not to question why,” etc.

These started out in a Facebook wall conversation with myself, which I realized was a total misplacement of those thoughts in a forum better suited for the “OMG love the new pic!!! O_o” flavor of communication.  So they’re going here instead.

Should planning be a science or an art?

How can we make reliable predictions about the future?

If planning teeters on a history of massive failures, how can we develop criteria for success?

Is long-term planning a worthwhile and legitimate exercise, given that people always manage to screw things up anyway?

Do planners ever have sufficient control over their environment to be effective? Or is it all just tweaking and tugging at strings?

How can such a self-reflective field lack any good way to evaluate its own products and determine what will actually work?

What kind of field is this, anyway?

Why is?

“But Mousie, you are not alone | In proving foresight may be vain | The best laid schemes of mice and men | Often go awry” ~ R. Burns

“Meanwhile, I’m going to sit here for days thinking about it, and singing ‘Coming Through the Rye.’ ” ~ frog footman from that TV-movie version of Alice in Wonderland with all the famous people