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Back on the hill and already hard at work!

Despite my half-hearted intentions, I haven’t gotten around to posting anything new and planny yet.  But after poking around on CSPAN to hear the State of the Union last night, I did find an interesting tag cloud generator called “Wordle.” Along with a link to video of Obama’s speech, they had posted a link to a tag cloud of the transcript.

You paste in a block of text, or a link to a blog or other web page, and it will generate a tag cloud.  You can then play around with font, colors, general text orientation, etc.  It even does other languages, although I didn’t play around with that (presumably it knows not to include words like “the” or “and.”)

To test it out, I used the front-page link to this blog.  The result is embedded below.  Fun stuff!

All this is to say, I will something soon that was not automatically generated from previous text.  But Wordle looks like kind of a fun toy to play with!

Wordle restricts the size of the linked image, so see the full size (hi res) here.

Wordle: CityForward blog