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The final installment of my NYC photos.  It was especially hard to choose for this set, as it includes shots of Williamsburg/Brooklyn, the High Line, AND Central Park.  I’ve chosen a mix of detail shots and, in the case of Central Park, some interesting pictures of actual people (rare for me, I know!) I encountered.

Back to writing soon.  As well as a brief discussion of how to do easy and successful LEGO photography.

Elevated Train to Williamsburg

Williamsburg, Bicycle

Williamsburg, Art Studio

Williamsburg, Glass Mosaic

High Line Park

High Line Park

High Line Park

High Line Park

Central Park

Central Park, Dog Walker

Central Park, Fountain

Central Park

Central Park, Boats

Central Park

Central Park, Boat

Central Park, Ties for Sale

Central Park, Parenting

Park Avenue, French Defenses

Parade Woman


This would be less of an issue if I didn’t have, oh, all of the semester’s work to finish in about two weeks.

Plus, the snow is coming.

In honor of the fact that we won’t see these for a while….

Fall mums, Central Park

And speaking of Central Park – saw this plaque on a bench near one of the playgrounds on the southeast border (no idea what the cross street was).  Yes, it’s that Madoff.

Saul Alpern bench, Central Park