Urban Planning

  • Planetizen — An online news, jobs, and blog network for planners and enthusiasts.  Highly recommend the RSS feed if you’re a news junkie and can’t get enough of the New York Times and/or LA Times.
  • Discovering Urbanism — A thought-provoking blog from a fellow planning student at UVa.  The organization of the site is what I aspire to have one day!
  • Next American City — A great urbanist magazine with a variety of media about cities and where we’re headed.


  • Gaper’s Block — A great homepage for active Chicagoans.  I need to invest more time in this site.
  • Landmarks Illinois — A non-profit preservation advocacy group, based in Chicago but active around the state.  In addition to advocacy work, they also feature interesting preservation-related news, issues, photos, and features about what’s happening around Illinois.  (Full disclosure, I worked here for a summer.)
  • Blair Kamin, “Skyline” — Kamin is the architecture critic/blogger for the Chicago Tribune, and generally has interesting info and insights about what’s going on in the city.  Especially good for Burnham-related scoops.
  • ArchitectureChicago PLUS — Another great Chicago (mostly) photoblog, along with good info on the architecture scene and events calendar.
  • Lee Bey, “Urban Observer” — An absolutely stunning photoblog of the city, particularly areas in decline.  The studies of the probably-doomed Michael Reese Hospital campus and parts of downtown Gary are just awesome.


  • Xing Columbus — I don’t keep up as much with Columbus news since I moved away, but this blog keeps up pretty well with relevant and amusing transit news, especially around OSU campus.

Other Things of Interest

  • LEGO — Clearly.
  • Fail Blog — Admittedly has nothing to do with planning, but it’s a classic.
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