Start:  Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (10AM)

End:  (hopefully) Valleyview, Alberta, Canada (???)

Miles:  ~ 700

No time for photos, we’re still on the road but might not end up with wi-fi.  Will post more tonight if possible.

Highlights:  West Edmonton Mall, the largest shopping center in North America!  Huge.  Haven’t seen bison yet, but did stop at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police training academy and heritage center, and I got a photo with my first moose (turns out it was a stuffed moose in a RCMP uniform).  Entered Alberta this afternoon, looks about the same as SK but beautiful sunny skies and soon, SOON we will see some bison.

Lowlight:  We spent too much time in Regina and will have a late night tonight.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow and more road to go.

Three more hours to go, and we’re stopping in Valleyview, AB for the night (or somewhere on the way, if we just can’t go any further).  Tomorrow we head into British Columbia, and really begin the wilderness leg of the trip!!!