The following will be borderline-painfully geeky.

I got my Census form today!!!!!!!!!

Census form and envelope!

This is mostly exciting because it’s the first time I get to be Person 1 / Head of Household / (entirety of) Household.  It’s kind of like voting or paying your own taxes or something.  Probably between those two things in terms of desirability of excitement, actually, but cool nonetheless.

Also, I feel I’m doing my (small) part in participating in the maintenance of accurate, relevant, and useful information for the U.S. Government, and in turn for ourselves.  I don’t know that it’s a deliberate political statement to fill it out – at least not to the degree that some want to make it a political statement not to fill it out.  But it is a small duty of being an adult U.S. resident.

The part I hadn’t thought about, mostly because I’ve never worked in American history or genealogy, is that Census data (about individuals) is made public after 72 years.  This is why they ask for your name, but state that they will not disclose it before that time.  Ten-year increments is a long time between reports, but it would nevertheless be fun to track down some information about your ancestors by looking through old iterations of the Census and other official (mostly government) records.  It’s like a tiny investment in your own descendants’ curiosity.

In any case – the Census!  Fill it out!  Mail it back!  Get counted!