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A lot on my mind recently, and I’ve been delinquent in putting these thoughts down in digital form.

For the time being, here are some photos from today’s walk to downtown (I would say “to and from” but the rain made me wuss out and take the bus home).  I headed from Wicker Park to Grand Avenue, saw a movie, and spent a bit of time in Millennium Park until I got somewhat rained out.

A show of color on Grand Avenue

I walked underneath Michigan Avenue for the first time (or at least, first time in that direction) – here’s the stairs to and from the lower level.

Egress to and from Lower Wacker

The “American Gothic” statues at the NBC Plaza, against a backdrop of the Tribune building.  Still working on how to hold the camera vertically.

American Gothic Statues and Tribune Tower

The rain at Millennium Park wasn’t heavy, just enough to make the park-goers huddle together under umbrellas.

Umbrellas in Millennium Park

My favorite photo – I love the floral umbrella.  This might have been the usual number of people at the Bean, but they seemed to be seeking shelter underneath it.

Rainy Day at the Bean

Five sparrows sitting by the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park.  They flew away about five seconds later.

Sparrows in Millennium Park

The rainy bus ride home (and messing around with the focus function)

Rain on Bus Window

Three weeks, more or less, until I leave Chicago.  More thoughts on this to come.

I spent a few days in Columbus.

I purchased a new Nikon D40 d-SLR and am still figuring out what the heck to do with it.  So far, pro: it’s faster and definitely takes better-looking photos; con: it’s bulky and looks “like a camera” and is not as instant-gratification as the Canon SD400.  More work to come.

I lost a pet.  Or rather, chose the moment to have her be lost.

I met up with some old friends.

I didn’t pack hardly anything for Cornell, and kinda screwed myself over for my quick trip through Ohio in August.

I had a good cry.

And I found a nice thistle plant by a church.

A thistle plant in Clintonville

A thistle plant in Clintonville