This was actually just announced on the morning traffic report (and confirmed at Metra’s Service Updates page)

Milwaukee District North Line Trains are currently stopped in the vicinity of Libertyville due to a large section of concrete which fell from the 294 overpass.

Train #2101 will not operate today.

Train #2103 will be delayed for undetermined amount of time.

I know this is a serious but not too unusual of an issue (especially in the spring – surely concrete is subject to the same temperature- and water-related stresses as the pothole-filled road surface).  Still, I can’t help but imagine that the highway is starting to feel threatened with all this talk of high speed rail, public transit infrastructure, and a little jealous of “Amtrak Joe” Biden’s visit yesterday.  So it took matters into its own hands and has started sabotaging its rail-bound neighbor.

Update:  I later heard on the radio that a semi truck had collided with a support and knocked concrete onto the tracks.  Not the transit battle I had imagined, but somehow it remains an interesting symbolic statement.

This is actually the second truck-screwing-up-rail-schedule incident that’s happened in the last couple weeks.  On Friday afternoon a truck hit one of the electrical conduits which services the South Shore Line into Indiana, causing that area of the system to shut down and necessitating diesel trains covering the evening rush hour.  Maybe the highways do have it in for trains here in Chicago …